The concept of our second collection is about water and it's different natural states. Water is beginning of all and it is first of all elements because of its mastery over the rest, and therefore our main focus of inspiration in ELEMENT ONE. It changes the states forming a variety of textures. Water as mysterious and life giving is equated with the feminine aspects of creation. By applying natural materials such as clear quartz and sea corals and using deep melancholic color spectrum, we attempted to deliver a story of the transformation of the element. Each piece reflects a different state of water. It freezes and forms a translucent ice on the surface meanwhile being in motion in the dark deep depths. Crystalizes and paints all in white. But portrayal of each phase is a masterpiece of the principal artist and creator which nature is.

video: Monta Apsane
music: David Viscu
photo - Kristine Madjare
model - Jelizaveta @ dandy
hair/make-up - Julia Oh


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